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Thermal Oil Bitumen Decanter

The main part of the bitumen decanter is divided into a decanter room and a melting room.After the drum enters the decanter room, it is heated by the thermal oil .

Bitumen Bag Decanter

Ton bag bitumen melting plant is a device that melts ton bags of bitumen into liquid bitumen. The equipment utilizes a heat transfer oil heating system to initially melt the blocky bitumen, and then uses the fire pipe to intensify the heating of the bitumen so that the bitumen reaches the pumping temperature and is then transported to the bitumen storage tank.

6MT Bitumen Emulsion Plant

Combined equipment is a combination required for the production of emulsified Bitumen,  including Bitumen and water heating; emulsion preparation; emulsion, Bitumen transportation measurement; emulsified Bitumen grinding and other major components. Users only need to connect the water and Bitumen pipelines and turn on the power supply to produce various forms of emulsified Bitumen.

polymer-modifiedbitumen emulsion Plant

This is a fully automatic emulsified Bitumen device. The user only needs to connect various pipes to this device and turn on the power to produce products. During the operation the worker only needs to set the production parameters , and the production can be performed after one-key start,  and no operation is required during production.

Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

The polymer modified bitumen plant is mainly used for the production of various modified bitumens, such as SBS, EVA, and PE modified bitumen. It can also produce rubber modified bitumen.

SBS Modified Bitumen Plant

SBS modified bitumen plant is the most common type of modified bitumen equipment, because of different construction requirements, the selection of SBS modified bitumen plant is also different.

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Shandong Duxiu Road Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Duxiu Road Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Duxiu) was founded in 2016. Its predecessor was Wucheng Bosite Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2008. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the concept of “Technology, Process Innovation, Professionalism, and Focus on Quality” to create a well-known brand in the bitumen deep processing industry.

We can supply bitumen heating and storage, bitumen deep processing, and small-scale road maintenance equipment three series of more than ten varieties of products in terms of road construction and maintenance.

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Our products spreads throughout the domestic market in China and used in many centrally-affiliated enterprises,for example local highways and transportation units like CREC, China Communications Construction Company Limited and China State Construction Engineering Corporation. Moreover, Our company also has expanded the Asian, African, Latin American and other international markets like Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Guatemala and has received positive feeback from international customers.

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Currently, our company integrates equipment, materials, technology and experimental product technologies to solve many problems in the road repair and maintenance process for users and provide high-efficiency, low-input, high-quality road construction technologies and solutions. The company's technological achievements will lead the development direction of the world's bitumen pavement equipment and materials.

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