Ton Bag Bitumen Melting Plant

Ton bag bitumen melting plant is a device that melts ton bags of bitumen into liquid bitumen. The equipment utilizes a heat transfer oil heating system to initially melt the blocky bitumen, and then uses the fire pipe to intensify the heating of the bitumen so that the bitumen reaches the pumping temperature and is then transported to the bitumen storage tank.


Thawing equipment for tons of bitumen Ton bag bitumen melting plant


Product Description

Bitumen bag decanter

What is bitumen bag decanter

Asphalt is packaged in many forms, most commonly in drums or jumbo bags. An asphalt bag decanter is a piece of equipment designed to melt asphalt in jumbo bags. Its main function is to melt bagged solid asphalt into liquid and transport it to the asphalt storage tank.

What parts does an asphalt bag decanter consist of?

1. Asphalt bag lifting device, lift the asphalt bag above the feeding port.

2. Feeding port, where asphalt blocks enter the inside of the equipment.

3. Asphalt melting chamber, the internal heating pipe heats the asphalt and turns it into liquid.

4. Transport, transport the asphalt to the asphalt tank through

pumps and pipelines.


How does Bitumen bag decanter work?

1. Start the external boiler; open all thermal oil valves of the bitumen bag decanter.

2. Transport the jumbo bag of asphalt to the bottom of the hoisting equipment (PIC2)

3. The work cut and remove the jumbo bag and use tools (PIC1) to clamp the asphalt blocks

4. The hoist lifts and moves laterally to transport asphalt block to the feeding port (PIC 3)

5. Open the feeding port, put the asphalt block into the feeding port, and the asphalt blocks enter the melting room (PIC 3);

6. The asphalt block is pressed on the thermal oil pipe (PIC 4 ), and the asphalt is divided into several small pieces by heat, and then falls into the main heating chamber.

7. The transfer oil pipe and smoke pipe (PIC 5 ) in the main heating chamber melt the asphalt into liquid asphalt.

8. The low-temperature liquid asphalt enters the sub-heating chamber (PIC 8 ) through three pipes (PIC6 ) by gravity. The sub-heating chamber heats the low-temperature liquid asphalt into high-temperature asphalt.

9. The high-temperature asphalt is sent to other asphalt storage tank using an asphalt pump (PIC 7 ).

10. The functions of this set of Bitumen bag decanter  are completed.


Product  parameters










Feeding port



Volume Of Asphalt heating  



Thermal power Maximum  required



heating system

Burner or boiler

Output of pump 










1. The bitumen bag decanter is surrounded by high density rock wool for insulation, which has good insulation effect and saves energy.

2. The hoisting bracket is connected with bolts to facilitate disassembly, assembly and moving.

3. The bitumen bag decanter adopts a container-type structure, and there is no deformation during hoisting.

4. The heat transfer oil coil is divided into multiple channels, which can balance the heat and enhance the heat transfer coefficient according to the needs of the working conditions.

5. The asphalt pump adopts top-notch products from China and has reliable quality.

6. All asphalt pipelines use double-layer seamless pipes, which are quickly preheated and wrapped with rock wool pipes for insulation.

7. After the high-level alarm system is triggered, it can sound an alarm and output a signal to cut off the power supply of the electric hoist to prevent asphalt from overflowing the tank.

8. The bitumen bag decanter uses Schneider brand electrical appliances.


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