Vehicle-mounted Hot Bitumen Filling and Spreading Machine

The crack filling machines are mainly hand-push type and self-propelled hand-operated crack filling pipe operation two types and adopt imported diesel burners for heating.


Vehicle-mounted Hot Bitumen Filling and Spreading Machine


Product Description

Operating Principle of Crack Filling Machine:

The crack filling machines are mainly hand-push type and self-propelled hand-operated crack filling pipe operation two types and adopt imported diesel burners for heating. When working, add bitumen or crack filling glue in the material box first, start the generator for power supply, turn on the heat transfer oil pump switch, the burner switch and the discharge tube switch interruptedly in succession; adjust the temperature of the automatic temperature control system to the same with that of the material, automatically heat the heat transfer oil inside the material box automatically through the diesel burner, and the temperature of the heat transfer oil rises (towed forced circulation), making the material melt, and the temperature is controlled by the automatic control system. The material melting time lasts for about 30-40 minutes. When the material melts and the temperature of the discharge pipe reaches, it can work. Hold the crack filling pipe and aim at the crack. The discharge flow of the bitumen pump can be adjustable. During the working process, the material should be added at any time to ensure the continuity of work.

Introduction to the Crack Filling Machine:

For sealing bitumen or cement pavement cracks; note: be sure to clean the dust in the crack before sealing.

Technical Parameters of Crack Filling Machine:

Boundary Dimensions: mm (L*W*H)


Weight: (kg)


Material Box Volume


Discharge Pipe Length

Standard Configuration: 4.5m (Optional: 6m)

Power Source

Imported Honda Gasoline Generator

Control System

Whole-process Electronic Constant Temperature Control

Heating Source

Imported Italian Diesel Burner

Material Melting Time


Crack Filling Speed


Applicable Materials

Crack Filler


Advantages and Features of the Crack Filling Machine:

1.Good thermal efficiency. Heat transfer oil introduction: heat the material, circulating thermal insulation, heating with imported Italian burner, the material is heated uniformly, and the intelligent sensor tests the temperature automatically, making the materials not carbonized or denatured. The melting time is short and this process is economical, safe and eco-friendly.

2.Good anti-blocking property. The discharge hose is fully heated by electricity during the entire process. It is free from cleaning, and has a sufficient bending degree and can maximally meet the multiple construction requirements of horizontal and vertical cracks to ensure the maximum construction area.

3.Whole-process electronic control system. The whole-process electronic control system, heating temperature, heating of the discharge pipe, operation of the burner, work of the bitumen pump, fuel status, fault alarm, etc., are all timely displayed, realizing the integration of electronic and automatic control.

4.Imported generators. The imported HONDA generator can provide a stable and efficient output for the whole machine, and is stable and reliable.

5.Professional high temperature resistant bitumen pump. Professional high temperature resistant bitumen pump with a large material feeding pressure can have the material fill in the crack deeply, so that the construction quality can be guaranteed. The adoption of electrodeless material flow adjustment makes the pump suitable for repairing cracks of different width and shape.

6.Remote control system. The crack filling gun boasts humanized handle design. The electronically controlled switch on the crack filling gun can remotely control the bitumen pump to avoid waste, which is hygienic, clean and convenient.

7. Beautiful appearance. The use of a red shell with distinctive Chinese characteristics creates a chic look.

8. Double switch design. Both a material discharge switch and a cleaning switch are equipped, which can effectively avoid the material from being dripped wet and prevent polluting the road.

9. Aviation plug. It features pressure resistance, flame retardance, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, good protection performance and beautiful appearance and is easy to use.

10. Teflon discharge tube. Characterized by high chemical stability, excellent anti-sticking property, no adhesion of colloids on the inner wall of the tube, and excellent resistance to aging, it can be used outdoors for long; while the stainless steel liner ensures smooth discharge.

11. With a scraper board. It needs no manual screeding, supports the gun head and can save labor. At the same time, it can effectively protect the gun head from being bumped by hard objects on the road surface.

12. Ball head trailing. Flexible steering and easy to move, it supports both manual push and vehicle traction two modes, so the crack filling machine can move quickly and easily to the construction site.

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