Bitumen Tank

The heat transfer oil bitumen tank uses organic heat-carrying agent (heat transfer oil) as heat transfer medium, a coal-fired, gas-fired or oil-fired furnace as heat source, and utilizes forced circulation in the heat transfer oil pump to heat the bitumen to the service temperature.


Bitumen storage heating tank



Product Description

What is Bitumen Tank

Asphalt tank, a container for storing asphalt, has functions such as heating and insulation.

What are the heating methods for asphalt tanks?

Most large and medium-sized fixed Bitumen Tank use steam, medium-pressure water or thermal oil and other media for heating.

Small Bitumen Tank mostly use fire, electricity, solar heating or thermal conductive media for heating.

Among them, electricity and solar energy are mostly used for auxiliary heating.

What are the parts of Bitumen Tank ?

Bitumen tank include tank, heater, insulation, instruments, interfaces and other parts. According to customer requirements, they may also be equipped with asphalt pump, mixing, control systems, bitumen unloading pools, etc.


What is the working principle of bitumen tank?

Asphalt tanks, asphalt is stored in asphalt tanks. As the temperature drops, the asphalt becomes solid. Asphalt needs to be used in a liquid state, so the asphalt tank needs to have a heating function. Generally, the heat of fossil fuel combustion is transferred to asphalt, and the asphalt becomes a liquid state and is exported for use.

Product description

Asphalt tanks are generally classified by volume and heating method:

Volume ranges from 1-5000m³; if container transportation is used, the maximum volume is 40m³.

Main heating methods: thermal oil heating, burner heating

Accept customization of other volume from customers,OEM, ODM.















5cm rock wool + color steel tile / custom made


As customer's needs


Temperature, liquid level


Advantages of asphalt tanks

1. The setting of multiple thermal oil heating pipes can heat the asphalt quickly.

2. High-density insulation materials reduce heat loss.

3. We have the ability to design and produce according to customer requirements.

4. For users who extract a small amount of asphalt, a high temperature zone can be set up

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