Bitumen Melting Machine

The DXT-1 bitumen de-barreling device developed by our company uses burners as the heating medium to heat, melt, de-barreling and dewater bitumen. It can ensure the quality of bitumen heating,which is featured by high thermal efficiency, fast de-barreling of bitumen, reduction of labor intensity and pollution.


Bitumen Melting Machine


Product Description

Bitumen Decanter

What is bitumen decanter

Bitumen decanter, also called bitumen melting plant, is a machine that heats solid bitumen pack in drums into liquid and delivers it to bitumen tanks.

What are the parts of bitumen decanter ?

The bitumen decanter mainly consists of  a device feeds the barrel into the decanter,  bitumen decanter room, bitumen melting room , thermal oil heating system Pump for transporting bitumen and electrical control system and so on.


What is the working principle of bitumen decanter ?

 When the drums filled with bitumen enter the inside of the decanter, the drum will be close to the hot thermal oil pipe, the drum will become hot, and the bitumen will soften after being heated. As the bitumen softens, it flows out of the drum and falls into the bitumen melting room.The hot thermal oil or burner will heat the bitumen again. As the temperature increases, the viscosity of the asphalt decreases. When it is lower than 300cp, the asphalt pump is turned on to transport the asphalt to the asphalt tank.


Product description

The output of Bitumen Decanter which we make  can be from 1 to 10 tonsOur products mainly include the following models


Accept customization of other outputs from customersOEM, ODM










6-8 t/h 

8-10 t/h 


Bitumen Heating, Drum Dumping, Bitumen Cyclic Heating, Bitumen Output  

Qty. of Barrels Accommodated




Volume of Melting room




Qty. of Rails

2 rails

Heating Method

 thermal Oil ,BurnerDiesel or gas),electric and so on

Bitumen Output Flow




Total Power




Dimension (L*W*H)

8500*2250*2450 (Chamber Size)
10500*3000*2450mm (Overall Size)

10500*2250*2450 (Chamber Size)
12500*3000*2450mm (Overall Size)

11500*2250*2450 (Chamber Size)
13500*3000*2450mm (Overall Size)

Total Weight(kg)









1. The only manufacturer in China that completes drum turning and drum  feeding at one time, within 30s, while other manufacturers complete a barrel feeding cycle in more than 60s.

2. Mechanical overturning of drums instead of manual overturning reduces the labor intensity of workers.

3. The plant adopts the combination of pipe support and plate strength support, which avoids the obstacle support perpendicular to the direction of drum travel.

4. The heating pipes are arranged in the shape of , which is more than 2 times the heating area of other manufacturers.

5. The heat-conducting oil pipe acts as a guide rail to accelerate the melting of block bitumen.

6. The pump has an internal circulation function, which optimizes the heat transfer coefficient and improves the melting speed.

7. Double-connected hydraulic pump is adopted, and the speed of the hydraulic cylinder can be adjusted according to actual needs.

8. The fan heat circulation air is used to enhance the heat transfer coefficient.

Customer feedback and packaging for shipping

Our products spread throughout  the domestic market in China and used in many centrally-affiliated enterprises,for example local highways and transportation units like CREC, China Communications Construction Company Limited and China State Construction Engineering Corporation.  Moreover, our company also has expanded to the Asian, African, Latin American and other international markets like Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Guatemala and has received positive feedback from international customers. We hope our products be good tools for your success. 



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