Why choose SBR as the main modifier to develop SBR modified asphalt felt?



  • The selection of styrene butadiene rubber as the main modifier to develop styrene butadiene rubber modified asphalt felt is because styrene butadiene rubber has the following advantages and characteristics:
  • 1. Good comprehensive performance: Styrene-butadiene rubber is a general rubber with good comprehensive performance, with good aging resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance and wear resistance.
  • 2. Cheap price and sufficient source: styrene butadiene rubber is the largest conventional rubber in China, the price is relatively low and the supply is sufficient. 3. Improve the performance of asphalt: the incorporation of styrene butadiene rubber into asphalt can improve the crack resistance and weather resistance of asphalt at low temperatures, so that the modified asphalt has better heat resistance and low temperature resistance.
  • 4. Suitable for industrial production: by pretreatment and blending with asphalt, styrene butadiene rubber can be easily evenly dispersed in asphalt, easy to industrial production, and excellent performance of modified asphalt.
  • In summary, styrene-butadiene rubber has good comprehensive properties, cheap price and sufficient sources, can improve the performance of asphalt, suitable for industrial production, so choose styrene-butadiene rubber as the main modifier to develop styrene-butadiene rubber modified asphalt felt.