What are the advantages and economic benefits of SBR compared with other modifiers?



In the production process of modified asphalt felt, SBR is chosen as the modifier because the cost of SBR asphalt felt is lower than APP asphalt felt and SBS modified asphalt felt. In addition, the raw material price of SBR modified asphalt felt is moderate, the source is sufficient, and it has a good application prospect and obvious economic and social benefits.

Compared with other commonly used modifies, the application of SBR in modified asphalt felt has the advantages that it can improve the softening point and penetration degree of asphalt, increase the ductility and elastoplastic interval of asphalt, and reduce the sensitivity to temperature, thus improving the high temperature performance and deformation resistance of modified asphalt, and at the same time has excellent low temperature extension performance.

The amount and dosage of SBR need to be adjusted according to the specific situation, and generally 6 ~15% of SBR can be incorporated. Other commonly used modifiers include SBS, APP, EPDM, etc., each of which has different characteristics and application ranges, such as SBS modifiers can improve the cohesibility and elasticity of asphalt, APP modifiers can improve the aging resistance and water resistance of asphalt, and EPDM modifiers can improve the heat resistance and cold resistance of asphalt.