The key to improving road quality: bitumen polymer modified bitumen



Bitumen polymer modified bitumen is a kind of road material which improves the performance of bitumen by adding polymer. As a commonly used material in road construction, bitumen has certain elasticity and adhesion, but it is easy to soften at high temperature, easy to become brittle at low temperature, and poor durability. In order to improve road quality and prolong service life, bitumen polymer modified bitumen came into being. bitumen polymer Modified bitumen modifies the physical and chemical properties of bitumen by adding polymers, thereby enhancing its properties.


First, polymer modifiers can improve the viscosity and strength of bitumen, making it more resistant to high temperatures and heavy loads. This can effectively reduce the softening and deformation of bitumen under high temperature in summer, and improve the bearing capacity and durability of the road. Second, polymer modifiers can improve the flexibility and ductility of bitumen, making it more resilient at low temperatures and reducing the risk of cracks and damage. This is particularly important for roads in cold areas, which can effectively prevent bitumen cracking and spalling caused by freeze-thaw cycles, and improve the frost resistance of roads. In addition, bitumen polymer modified bitumen also has good aging resistance, which can extend the service life of the road.