What is the applicability of SBS modified bitumen to different road surfaces at low temperatures?



  • According to the experimental results in this paper, SBS modified bitumen has excellent ductility at low temperature, and the ductility can reach 100 cm at 0℃. It shows that SBS modified bitumen can effectively resist the phenomenon of low temperature embrittlement and has good low temperature performance. At the same time, the temperature sensitivity of SBS modified bitumen is small, that is, the ductility does not change with the increase of temperature. This means that SBS modified bitumen can maintain good performance stability.                                                        
  • The ductility and temperature sensitivity of SBS modified bitumen at low temperature have important influence on its applicability on different pavement. Because SBS modified bitumen has good ductility at low temperature and can resist low temperature brittleness, it is suitable for the pavement in cold areas or low temperature environment. At the same time, SBS modified bitumen has low temperature sensitivity and can maintain good performance stability, which is suitable for pavement in high temperature environment.                                                                                                       
  • Therefore, SBS modified bitumen can meet the requirements of different pavement for low and high temperature performance, and improve the durability and service life of the pavement.