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SBS modified asphalt equipment

SBS modified asphalt equipment is the most common type of modified asphalt equipment,because of different construction requirements, the selection of SBS modified asphalt equipment is also different
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SBS modified asphalt equipment is the most common type of modified asphalt equipment, because of different construction requirements, the selection of SBS modified asphalt equipment is also different. The configuration and process of SBS modified asphalt equipment are diversified, including fixed production type, mobile type, and main engine import. As far as the degree of automation is concerned, SBS modified asphalt equipment has fully automatic production and semi-automatic production. No matter which form of production, each has its own different advantages. What kind of process and configuration are used depends on the whole year. The amount of production and the customer's requirements for equipment, product performance requirements and other factors are determined.


SBS modified asphalt equipment production parameters

Serial number




Equipment weight (including rapid heating device)

21 tons


Equipment installed capacity



Equipment production capacity (calculated based on SBS content 5%)



Equipment size (including rapid heating device)

15m*2.5m*2.7m (L*W*H)


Production methods

Continuous production


Way to control

Fully automatic


Product Features

1. Duxiu SBS modified asphalt equipment adopts the most advanced modified asphalt colloid mill in China. Its blade has high hardness, high linear speed of moving plate, adjustable gap to 0.15mm, suitable for processing various polymer modified asphalt, such as SBS, PE, EVA, etc.

2. Unique SBS modified asphalt equipment, the process facilities are reasonably positioned, the process flow takes into account different paths, and different processing schemes can be carried out according to the user process requirements and material processing difficulty, etc., to maximize the satisfaction of the user's production claim.

3. Unique SBS modified asphalt equipment, with highly intelligent fully automated procedures. The entire control system adopts the world's advanced industrial computer control, computer display operation, and various indicators the presentation of process formula and process flow on the screen. It not only improves the working environment of workers, but also eliminates the arbitrariness of process operation, thereby ensuring the quality and stability of modified asphalt.

4. Duxiu SBS modified asphalt equipment has the entire operating system and a backup full manual operating system. When the full intelligent operation cannot be performed due to computer failure or other reasons, it can rely on the button operation of each pump and valve for emergency production to ensure the entire progress of the project.

5. Unique SBS modified asphalt equipment, its flow meter, liquid level, weight sensor configuration adopts domestic famous brand products, which greatly increases the metering accuracy and reliability of the meter. It provides a strong guarantee for the automation of our company's modified asphalt equipment.

6. Duxiu SBS modified asphalt equipment adopts self-developed and unique batching tank, powerful agitator, liquid level anti-blocking device, powder small-dose adding device, automatic liquid additive adding device and other production details. It provides a comprehensive technical guarantee for the reliability of the modified asphalt production line. The processing efficiency is significantly improved, and the product quality is greatly improved.

7. The unique SBS modified asphalt equipment adopts the external type of matrix asphalt rapid heating device, which can be configured with different forms of heating devices according to the user's asphalt heating capacity. The device adopts dynamic turbulent heating method to connect in and out, directly heating to the temperature required for production, without waiting, the asphalt flow and temperature can be automatically set and adjusted, and the remote display is automatically controlled.

8. Asphalt pumps are all controlled by frequency conversion, and the swelling time and output can be adjusted at any time according to the production process.

9. The mill adopts a soft start method to minimize the impact on the power grid.

10. The equipment adopts container installation, which is flexible and convenient for transportation and transfer.

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