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Rubber powder modified asphalt equipment

Introduction of production process:Firstly unload the asphalt from the tanker:secondly Insert the quick pipe into another container, unload the asphalt into the container, and then start the asphalt pump to pump the asphalt into the tank.pump the asphalt into the tank.
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Introduction of production process:

1. Unload the asphalt from the tanker: Insert the quick pipe into another container, unload the asphalt into the container, and then start the asphalt pump to pump the asphalt into the tank.

2. Asphalt heating: Heat two burners at the same time and start the circulating pump. When the asphalt is higher than 150℃, mix it for test run. When heating, turning on the stirring will help increase the heating speed.

3. Production of rubber asphalt: Open the asphalt circulation, open the blending tank for stirring, open the rubber powder lifting, and adjust the rubber powder lifting speed according to the blending situation.

Export of rubber asphalt: After the production of rubber powder is completed, the rubber asphalt can be exported through the goose neck.


Advantages of Duxiu production tank:

1. The tank body is an integral structure, so it is only required to remove the stirrer and the goose neck for transportation.

2. The asphalt pipe has the functions of oil unloading, circulation and production.

3. A high viscosity pump is adopted as rubber asphalt pump.

4. The tank mixing and rubber powder lifting are started by frequency converter, which can be used in places with a small capacity of power use; for adjustment of production; for all-round protection of the motor and the mixing equipment.

5. A cutter tooth mixing blade is adopted by small-volume mixing tank, which can break up massive rubber powder, to evenly mix asphalt and rubber powder.

6. A support structure is adopted by the tank top agitator to isolate the heat source from the motor, so as to guarantee that the motor runs in a relatively low temperature environment.

7. The heat conduction oil circulating heating system can reduce the stirring installation position, with relatively small residue at the bottom.

8. 10cm rock wool is adopted by the tank body for thermal insulation.

9. Both heat conduction oil and asphalt adopt automatic temperature control, which is safe.

10. The theoretical maximum heating power of two TBL26 burners is 600kw. The temperature of 20 tons of asphalt can be raised by 80°C in about 2.5 hours. 

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