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Crack Filling Machine

The crack filling machines are mainly hand-push type and self-propelled hand-operated crack filling pipe operation two types and adopt imported diesel burners for heating.
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This spreader is suitable for spreading a variety of asphalt. The machine has an excellent heating and insulation system. The heating is completed by a Liyalu G10 light oil burner, which can heat up quickly. The most critical is a spreading hose line, which will lead to blocking easily if it is thin and long. This equipment uses an electric heating insulation hose and automatically controlled heating, so the hose will not block. Moreover, the machine features an independent power system, flexibility, lightness and easy operation. It is suitable for repairing road pits and trenches, minor repairs and other maintenance projects.

Technical Parameters:


Asphalt Spreader CQ2000

Spreading Control Mode

Manual Control, Hand Held Spreading

Tank Volume


Gasoline Engine Generator


Asphalt Pump Flow


Heating Mode

Diesel Burner (G10)

Heating Speed


Static Thermal Insulation Property


Basic Configuration:

1. Tank Body: The tank is oval with an actual volume of 2m3 and a steel sheet thickness of 4mm. The tank uses rock wool for thermal insulation and is wrapped with stainless steel sheet externally.

2. Control Box: The spreader features automatic control in heating the asphalt and the spreading hose. The spreading amount depends on frequency converting control. The original electric appliance used is Zhengtai.

3. Heating section: Imported diesel burner.

4. Gasoline Generator Set: 5-kilowatt gasoline generator.

5. Asphalt Insulation Pump: Built-in asphalt pump, flow 1m3 / h, motor 1.1KW, frequency control start and control of asphalt pump flow.

6. Asphalt Filter: 1 set (homemade).

7. Spreading Section: The spreading pipe is an electrically heated insulation hose, with a heating power of 1.05 KW and a length of 4 meters. The spray pattern of the nozzle is fan-shaped. The flow is 7 liters, 15 liters per set, and 3 spare nozzles are equipped for further use.

8. Asphalt Spreader Rack: One set, can be directly lifted into the truck bed.

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